Asthma Alert!

More and more people seem to be suffering with asthma these days.

1 in 10 adults or children are known to be affected by it.

According to Asthma UK one person is hospitalised every seven minutes and 3 people a day in the UK die from asthma attacks. Many of these attacks could be preventable, according to Asthma UK, up to 75% of admissions could be avoidable- that’s a lot of time spent in hospital.

To try to prevent these admissions and to try to raise awareness of the need to keep asthma under control the charity Asthma UK have launched a new online test today. It is designed to help asthma sufferers gauge whether or not they are at risk of having an attack.

The online test is called Triple A: Avoid Asthma Attacks.

It doesn’t take very long to do and does give an indication of what the risks for having an attack are. The website also has useful tips for you to monitor your asthma and more importantly when to seek help when it gets out of control.

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