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Be A Resillient Blossom

Health and wellbeing are like a flower; on the one hand, it is beautiful, prosperous, joy-bringing and increases the likelihood of producing the fruits of a good life. On the contrary, it is delicate – vulnerable to the many things that can harm our sensitive organic beings, including the challenges of a harshening environment. It’s the time to explore ways to quickly spring back from winter’s threats:

Feeling Rosy

Rosehips, the delicious, plump berries left over from summer’s luxurious roses, can be harvested from mid-autumn. They have traditionally been used as the main ingredient in cough and cold syrups, chosen for their wealth of multivitamins and their delicious flavour, appealing colour, and perfect texture. To make a simple rosehip syrup, add one part crushed rosehips to two parts water and simmer. When ready, strain then stir in the same amount of sugar as liquid, and boil. Cool before sealing in jars. The sweet and fruity syrup also gives a delightful and healthy touch to pancakes and desserts.

Jump for Joy

Skipping only needs to be done for a matter of minutes for its benefits to start springing. It rapidly warms the body and boosts circulation, leading to the immune system’s essential white blood cells circulating more efficiently to get to where they’re needed. Skipping is also a quick way to stimulate the endorphins that increase happiness – especially on grey days.

Rebellious Radiance

Drinking a mug of boiled water with a lemon quarter squeezed in every morning is a classic health-enhancer that’s particularly useful in the colder months, enriching your systems with a decent dose of vitamin C and protective antioxidants, and well as warming you up and brightening your brain on dull days. The drink is gorgeous with a crush of cardamom, cracked mace, or split vanilla pod, which all add sweetness and warmth to the bright lemon, creating a beautifully aromatic experience. Grapefruits in the winter are the sunshine in the home when it’s dismal outside. They are intensely refreshing and cleansing and are loaded with brilliant vitamins and phytonutrients that help fight the pathogens while keeping you happy.

Chilli is Clever in Chilly Weather

As well as chillies being the most physically warming food you can take, chilli peppers also hit high levels of vitamin A, known for being the great anti-infection vitamin. It works on the mucous membranes, which are found in the body’s first line of defences against invading pathogens, meaning this amazing, flame-like fruit is superior for spitting out those nasty cold viruses.

When it’s Cold Outside, Have Gold Inside

The liquid gold that is honey is wonderfully soothing, energy-enhancing, and nutrient-rich. Its best friend, golden ginger, has traditionally been used to fight cold and flu, general sickness, and muscle pain associated with winter stiffness. Ginger’s constituent gingerol has superior infection-fighting properties. Heating a few teaspoons of honey, and stirring in the juice of crushed ginger through a tea strainer, makes a sweet, warming, and empowering syrup.

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