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CPR and Medical Emergencies training for Dental Practices
Medical emergencies in dental practices are rare, however they do happen and all members of the dental team need to know their role in the event of an emergency.

The General Dental Council emphasises that “all dental professionals are responsible for putting patients interests first, and acting to protect them”.  As part of that commitment all dental professionals must undertake continuous professional development (CPD).

Medical emergencies are one of the three core subjects which must be covered in any 5 year CPD cycle. The GDC recommend a minimum of 10 hours is spent on medical emergencies in that time period, with a recommendation of at least 2 hours CPD conducted in this subject every year.


We offer the following training for Dental Practices that will meet your need for verifiable CPD.  They are:

  • Dental CPR training course

    This basic 2-hour course covers :

    • ABCDE assessment of sick patients,
    • CPR for adults, children and infants,
    • Use of an AED,
    • Care of an Unconscious casualty,
    • Choking
  • Combined CPR & Medical Emergencies training course

    This comprehensive 4-hour course includes all of the content from the two hour course and adds recognition and treatment of acute asthma, anaphylaxis, angina and heart attack, epilepsy, diabetes and syncope (fainting)

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