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Occurances of medical emergencies in dental practices are thankfully rare.  However, it is important to make sure that your practice is prepared for such situations if they should arise.

Our 4-hour Medical Emergencies Dental Practice course will help you to keep your team’s skills up to date and meet their CPD requirements.

The course combines our popular Dental CPR training course with additional Medical Emergencies training.

It is designed to meet the needs of all dental professionals wishing to revise their knowledge of CPR and medical emergencies that may occur in practice, in accordance with Resuscitation Council (UK) standards for clinical practice.

Your Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice course will cover:

  • using the ABCDE approach to assess acutely sick patients
  • care of the unconscious casualty (recovery position)
  • basic CPR hands-on practise
  • discussion, demonstration and practise in use of an AED device
  • Choking
  • scenario-based exercises to simulate emergencies in your workplace
  • Recognition of cardiac emergencies including angina and heart attack
  • Recognition and treatment of:
    • acute asthma
    • anaphylaxis
    • epilepsy
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Fainting (syncope)
  • Review your emergency drugs / equipment
  • working as a team, carrying out simultaneous first aid activities

Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice Training – Contributing towards your ongoing CPD

As part of this Medical Emergencies course, each of your staff will receive the following to assist in meeting their annual CPD requirements:

  • A training summary sheet, containing aims, objectives and outcomes, with a section for feedback and reflections
  • A certificate confirming 4 hours of CPR and Medical Emergencies training, which contributes towards your verifiable CPD requirement.

In addition, your Practice will receive a CPR & Medical Emergencies training certificate to display on your wall, showing that your practice has undertaken the course.

Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice Course

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