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Infection Control Hand Washing

Infectious diseases are a regular cause of illness and disease.

An estimated 1 in 10 people develop infections within healthcare settings.  The cost implications of this are huge in terms of time and money to treat the infections and also in terms of patient well being.

Having a good awareness of the sources of infection and how they spread helps to keep us healthy and reduces the chance of the further spread of any disease.

The aim of this 2-3 hour course is to give candidates an understanding of the meaning and importance of infection control and prevention.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To be able to understand the cause and spread of infection and the chain of infection
  • To understand the differences between pathogenic micro organisms and parasitic organisms and the diseases they may cause, including
    • bacteria, e.g. MRSA, TB, Clostridium difficile, E- Coli 0157
    • viruses,- e.g. HIV, Hepatitis, Norovirus
    • fungi, -e.g. athletes foot, thrush
    • parasites,- e.g. scabies and lice
  • To be able to prevent and control the spread of infection using standard precautions , including hand decontamination, the use of personal protective equipment and the safe use of sharps
  • To demonstrate effective hand hygiene procedures
  • To understand the correct management of spills
  • To understand how to manage waste correctly, including sharps, domestic waste, clinical hazardous waste and biological spills.
  • To understand decontamination techniques for low risk, medium and high risks items.
  • To understand the legislation, regulations and guidance that govern infection prevention and control
  • To understand roles and responsibilities and boundaries in preventing infection within an organisation with regard to
    • reporting of infectious outbreaks
    • seeking advice and guidance
    • admissions
    • transfers and discharges
    • documentation
    • following the death of an individual
    • handling, collection and storage of specimens
    • ensuring visitors comply with  hand hygiene.

Infection Control training course

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