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Jext Adrenaline Auto-Injectors


Anaphylaxis is a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction, which may be caused by a wide range of allergens, including foodstuffs, drugs, insect stings and latex.  For more information, visit our What is Anaphylaxis FAQ page.

Adrenaline Auto-Injectors

Adrenaline auto-injector is the common, generic name for a range of medical devices which are used in the short-term, emergency treatment of an anaphylactic reaction.  Please note that injectors do not cure or resolve the original cause of the anaphylactic reaction.  As a result, Patients must always seek medical help by dialling 999 or 112 and stating “anaphylaxis” when an auto-injector has been given.

Jext Adrenalin Auto-InjectorThe Jext® ‘Pen’ or Auto-Injector

A Jext® ‘pen’ is a specific brand of adrenaline auto injector, which is used in the emergency treatment of Anaphylactic Shock, or an anaphylactic reaction.  It administers a single dose emergency injection which is given into the muscle of the upper outer thigh during an anaphylactic reaction.  It is a prescribed medical device.

Jext® is manufactured and distributed by ALK-Abello´ in the UK.

Please note that other brands of adrenaline auto injector are also available including Epi-pen® and Anapen®

Anaphylaxis Training

Anaphylaxis training is strongly recommended for those who are responsible for or work with individuals who are known to suffer from severe allergies, for example nurseries or schools.  It is also advisable for those who work in organisations which provide catering services, where staff or members of the public could suffer reactions to ingredients in their food.  Examples would include not only restaurants, but workplace canteens and hotels etc.

HTS Training provide a dedicated Anaphylaxis training course, which explains the causes, symptoms and emergency treatments for this potentially life-threatening condition.  It also demonstrates the use of the three most common auto-injector devices (Jext®, Epipen® and Anapen®), including hands-on use of a practice device.  Please note that there are no needles or drugs in the practice devices!

We also work with a food safety specialist to run an in-house Food Safety and Anaphylaxis course, designed specifically for those working in a catering environment.

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