What is a Risk?

A risk is…

the chance, whether high or low, of a hazard causing harm to individuals, and the level of harm that could be caused.

Examples of risks are:

Electricity could cause burns or electric shock
Slip and trip hazards could cause fractures, sprains, strains and lacerations
Heavy machinery could cause crush injuries, amputations, fractures, lacerations and eye injuries.

As part of an organisation’s risk assessment, effort should be made to identify (and ideally document) the full range of hazards present in the workplace, and to record the potential risks that they pose to staff and visitors.  First aid training, kits and other equipment and measures required to counteract these risks should be recorded, along with a plan of how to implement them.  This plan should then be implemented to a timetable.  Finally, the plan should be reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure that the information and response remain relevant.