Riddor Reporting Changes

On 12th September, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) changed the way in which work related injuries are to be reported. In addition, from 30th September, they closed their Infoline telephone service, starting instead to direct all enquiries to the HSE website.

Legal Requirement

All businesses are required by law  (the Reporting of Injuries and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations-  RIDDOR) to report any deaths, causes of disease, injuries that are directly attributable to the workplace  and near misses relating to the workplace.

For most businesses the part of the regulations that applies most frequently are those injuries that cause the injured person to be off work or unable to do their normal working duties for more than three  consecutive days (not including the day of the accident). These must be reported within 10 days of the incident.

The types of injuries that are reportable include death, fractures (except to thumbs, fingers, toes), amputations, loss of sight, burns, and any loss of consciousness or any injury that requires treatment in hospital.

Online Reporting

From now on these injuries can be reported via one of 7 new online forms which are designed to be easy to use and send with the click of a button. They may be found at on the HSE’s RIDDOR site.

For most  businesses this won’t cause too much trouble, as much of our working life is now done online.

If you’d like more information, please visit the HSE, or take a look at our What is RIDDOR FAQ.