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Man completing a RIDDOR form

A Simple Guide to RIDDOR Reporting

RIDDOR, which stands for Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations is the legislation which controls which workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses you should report, and how you should report them.

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How safe are you on the slopes?

As the February half term holiday approaches, many of you will be setting off on skiing or snowboarding holidays.

Ski Safety

But how much thought have you given to your safety on the slopes? Do you routinely use helmets to protect yourself in the same way as you use a seatbelt to prevent injuries in cars?  Collisions on the slopes with other skiers and trees are the most common causes of head injury yet not many are yet wearing protective headgear.


There have been some fatalities on ski slopes caused by collisions, most notably the actress Natasha Richardson who died in Canada in 2009 having sustained head injuries during a fall on the beginners’ slopes. A mother of four also died in Austria following a collision with another person. Neither were wearing helmets.

Helmets reduce injury

A study reported today in the news has concluded that helmets should be more readily available to skiers and snow boarders to prevent traumatic head injuries and deaths on ski slopes.  This is based on evidence that head injuries in adults are reduced by 35% and by up to 59% in children by wearing helmets.

The suggestion is that helmets should be more readily available, perhaps on loan or as part of holiday packages, to encourage those currently put off by the high prices of helmets, to use them. It is now mandatory for children under 16 to wear them in Austria but other countries have yet to make them compulsory.

Some instructors and skiers still think they are unnecessary and that wearing them gives false confidence, encouraging risky behaviour on the slopes. Hopefully this latest evidence will encourage more people to wear them and thus prevent more injuries.

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