The Importance of First Aid

The ability to help save a life in an emergency situation should not only be restricted to the hands of the medical professional. It is important that people provide the best possible support to those whose health is in danger, while expert assistance is awaited. To ensure that you do not become helpless if somebody near you starts suffering, HTS Training is here to equip you for the emergency events that crop up at unprecedented times and demand desperate, intense action.

First Aid is Necessary, not an Accessory

As human beings we each have a tremendous capacity to make an invaluable difference to other people’s lives and wellbeing, to help heal and provide assistance in life or health threatening situations. This is why HTS Training provides fully assessable and high quality First Aid training for you to fulfil your potential to respond smartly and skillfully in cases of injury and emergency. Our Basic Life Support course is perfect for enabling any individual to assess and deal with such situations.

Responding to Emergencies at Work

We provide fully accredited First Aid for the Workplace training, to help you deal with emergencies that can present themselves to anyone while at work, including attacks associated with common medical conditions that any colleague may have. It is important that First Aid for Work training is regularly refreshed as the workplace is where one frequently spends time surrounded by people. HTS, therefore, provides effective refresher courses to renew your qualification and update your knowledge and skills so that you are always ready in the workplace.

Protecting the Health of Children at School

Our Paediatric First Aid course is for those whose work involves the care and supervision of young children in the vulnerable years below eight years old, while our First Aid for Schools and Colleges course is for teachers who are responsible for groups of children of any age and application in various educational contexts including school trips. The First Aid for Sports training course is for any teacher or coach who may need to deal with students who have had injuries resulting directly from the physical activity of sports.

Industry-Specific First Aid

Every industry has its health and safety requirements and risks. This is why, as well as our First Aid for the Workplace courses; we offer industry-specific training for areas that pose particular risks to the health of workers, clients or customers, to ensure that there is no gap in the skills you have to provide the essential assistance needed at work. We offer special training for the dental, clinical, and food industries.