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Online Asthma Test announced by Asthma UK

1st Feb 2012: 

Asthma UK have launched a new online test designed to help asthma sufferers gauge whether or not they are at risk of having an attack.  The online test is called Triple A: Avoid Asthma Attacks.


About the Test

The test is a very short and easy to complete. It asks three sets of multiple choice questions about

  • your asthma
  • managing your asthma, and
  • your lifestyle.

Questions about your asthma include such things as how much it has affected you over the last few months and what your particular triggers are.

The management questions are more about how often you take inhalers and whether you visit your GP or asthma nurse.

And lifestyle questions cover such things as the amount of exercise you do, whether you smoke, how tall you are and what you weigh.

Test Results

On completing your test, you get an assessment of how likely you are to get an attack over the coming 12 months, and advice on what to do to minimise that risk.

The results page also gives personalised recommendations based on the answers that you gave during the questionnaire. If you put in your details, you can get your report emailed to you. And you'll get periodic updates on the latest asthma advice too.


More and more people seem to be suffering from asthma, with more than 1 in 10 adults and children known to be affected by it.

In fact, according to Asthma UK, one person is hospitalised every seven minutes and 3 people a day in the UK die from asthma attacks, many of which could be preventable.  They also suggest that up to 75% of asthma-related hospital admissions are avoidable.

For more information see:

The Asthma UK website, which has a wide range of useful tips for to help sufferers monitor their asthma and to help them determine when they should seek medical help.

Our What is Asthma? post, which gives you an outline on the statistics, causes, symptoms and treatments of asthma.

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