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CPR course using automated external defibrillator device - AED

What is an AED? Our Guide to Defibrillators

Learn the basics of what a defib is, how it works, when you should use one, and how to get your hands on one with our simple guide to defibrillators.

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School Children in Class

9 Essential Checks for a Healthier School

As the summer holidays draw to a close, a new school year begins. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff and students is important at this time as staff and students settle in to perhaps new schools or new jobs.

With so much happening in the first few weeks of term, it is easy to overlook your first aid and medication needs... but critical that you don't!

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Construction worker climbing scaffolding on construction site

28th April: World Day for Safety & Health at Work

Held annually from 2003, the upcoming World Day for Health and Safety takes place on 28th April 2017. The purpose of the awareness day is to promote decent, safe and healthy work in the workplace environment.

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First Aid sign pointing across a calm lake

How Can First Aid Training Benefit You?

When you learn first aid, you hope that you'll never have to use your skills in an emergency. Ok, so you'll expect to have to use the odd plaster. Or perhaps you'll send someone to hospital to get a possible broken arm checked out.

But hopefully you'll never have to deal with a something as serious as a cardiac arrest.

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Filing cabinet file showing important tab

The Importance of First Aid

We all rely on the medical professionals from our fantastic National Health Service to look after us when we get injured or ill. Whether it's GPs and Practice Nurses at our local surgery, or paramedics, consultants, nurses and surgeons in our hospitals.

But what happens when they're not around? What happens in the time between an accident, and the emergency services arriving?

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School Sports Team

Stopping Sunburn in Schools

Does your school or the one attended by your kids have a clear policy on the reapplication of sun cream during school hours? Is it important that it does?

This article discusses the practical and policy implications of using sun cream in schools. Take a look and make sure that your school gets it right.

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