Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

(Managing Medicines in School)

The skills you and your team need to safely manage medicines for the pupils in your care

More than just Pills & Policies

Looking after the medical needs of your pupils is not always straightforward.  Parents bring in a variety of medication for their children, and you need to make sure your staff know how to store, handle and administer it in a safe and appropriate way.

Our course helps you to review and update your policies in line with current legal requirements. It helps to make sure that your storage, record keeping and medicines management practices are working for you, and develops your understand of the underlying conditions and medicines that you may be asked to administer.

Who is this Managing Medicines course suitable for?

You'll benefit from this course if you or your team are responsible for:

  • supporting pupils at school with medical conditions
  • administering medicines to children in residential or other child care facilities
  • managing medicines in schools, early years and residential settings

What's covered?

Legal Responsibilities

You'll receive an overview of guidance published by DFES/DOH and the responsibilities of governing bodies

Medical Conditions

You'll gain an insight into the four most relevant medical conditions and their medications


You'll get assistance with the practicalities of storing, record keeping and administering medicines

What's NOT covered?

This course is NOT a substitute for one-to-one training in how to give medication according to the child’s individual health care plan.

  • Overview
  • Detailed Content

Attendees will learn skills in the following areas:

Legal & Administration

  • Introduction
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Medicines policies
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Controlled drugs
  • Non prescription medicines
  • Individual Health care plans
  • Administering medicines
  • Self management
  • Refusal of medicines
  • Record keeping
  • Insurance
  • Safe storage and disposal of medicines

Medical Conditions, Medication & Treatment

  • Emergency medicines and procedures
  • Asthma – what is it, recognition of symptoms, use of inhalers and emergency procedures
  • Anaphylaxis -what it is, recognition of symptoms, use of adrenaline auto injectors and emergency procedures
  • Diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia
  • Diabetes medications
  • Blood testing and emergency procedures
  • Epilepsy – What is it, medication and treatments
  • Emergency treatment

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Here's What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

Great Trainer

Great trainer / teacher. Lots of support and guidance

Annie P ... Department Head, Primary School

Good examples & practical ideas

Very informative course. Good examples & practical ideas.

Caroline F ... Primary School

Brought About Many Questions

Extremely useful - has brought about many questions to research about current school practices

Rachel M ... Primary School Staff

Very Relaxed Course

Very relaxed course, able to ask questions when wanted and covered all important information - thank you

Nicola B ... Secondary School

Given Me Things to Think About

Thank you - very useful - you've given me things to think about and update.

Teresa S ... Primary School Staff

Was Not Bored Once

Thank you for an enjoyable training session, on a subject that I already knew lots about. I was not bored once

Louise B ... Primary School

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