Anaphylaxis Training Course

covering a range of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors, including Epi-Pen®

Anaphylaxis sufferer using an adrenaline autoinjector pen

More Allergens, Affecting More People

There is a growing number of people in the UK suffering with life threatening allergies (anaphylaxis). The substances to which they're reacting is growing too, and includes a wide variety of foods as well as non-food substances such as latex.

Responding quickly and correctly to anaphylactic shock is really important. This course provides skills beyond those provided in regular first aid courses to help you deal with such emergencies.

Who is this Anaphylaxis & Epi-pen course suitable for?

This course is particularly suitable if you:

  • work in a food manufacturing environment
  • work in a food preparation or retailing environment (restaurants, cafes etc)
  • work in an area where food is consumed, particularly by or around children (schools, nurseries etc)

What's covered in the Anaphylaxis & Epipen Course?

There are two versions of this course - one with and one without CPR training.  They cover the following content:

  • Without CPR Version
  • With CPR Version

Anaphylactic Shock

Attendees will learn the following areas:

  • Definition of anaphylaxis
  • Description of Body’s response to an allergen
  • Causes & prevalence
  • Signs & symptoms- recognition of the condition
  • Use of Epi-pen®, Emerade® and Jext® Adrenaline Auto-injector devices
  • Who can use them and under what circumstances
  • How they are administered
  • Legal implications of administering
  • Practice using Epi-pen®, Emerade® and Jext® Adrenaline Auto-injector training devices
  • Complications- possible need for CPR as casualties may stop breathing
  • Questions and answers

This course uses the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s Allergywise material as endorsed by The Anaphylaxis Campaign and the RCN.

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Informative & Factual

Informative & Factual. Excellent instructor

Luan W ... Healthcare

Very useful in Work and Home Life

Always find this course interesting and very useful in both work and home life

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Engaging & fun . Approachable. 100/10

Sandy A ... Care Home Staff

Enjoyed Every Time

Always enjoyed, every time

Lucy W ... Care Home Staff

Covered All Things Needed

Covered all things needed - interesting to listen to - good that had videos to break it down

Nicola A ... GP Practice Manager

Great Session

Great session - very interactive and informative

Emma L ... Practice Nurse, GP Practice