Child with salbutamol inhaler giving thumbs-up

Emergency Salbutamol Inhalers in Schools

Good news for schools!

New regulations have just been issued regarding the use of reliever asthma inhalers in schools.

From 1st October 2014 the Human Medicines (Amendment) (No2) Regulations 2014 will allow schools to hold a spare emergency asthma inhaler for use in emergencies.


These inhalers can only be used by children for whom parental consent has already been given to use an emergency inhaler and who normally carry an inhaler to school as they have been diagnosed with asthma or have been prescribed a reliever inhaler.

It can be used if the pupils prescribed inhaler is not available (for example because it is empty or broken).

Head teachers can purchase the salbutamol inhalers for the treatment of acute asthma attacks from pharmaceutical suppliers. Suppliers will need a signed request from the head stating the quantity of inhalers required and for what purpose.

They will also need to purchase spare spacer devices to help administer the drug.

Asthma is a long-term condition which affects the small air passages in the lungs.

If you'd like your school staff trained in treating asthma in schools, take a look at our Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions training course, and our 2-day Paediatric first aid course.

First Aid Treatment of asthma is also covered in our 3-day First Aid at Work course.

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